Free download Portable Coollector Movie Database

Portable Coollector Movie Database

If you like movies, you'll love Coollector. And if you own some DVD, you'll love it even more. With its easy to use
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22 July 2011

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This is a database application that helps manage your collection of movies and videos you own and would want to see.

This is quite a comprehensive database application that helps organize your movie collection. It is backed by a Movie encyclopedia that is a storehouse of movies that are available. You are able to find what movie is available, a lot of information about them and where they are available, etc. It is highly likely that you also own a set of DVDs of movies. You are able to organize and maintain this collection related details. The organization of the details also includes a screenshot of the DVD album art or a shot of a frame. Other content released as DVDs, such as TV series, can also be arranged.

Any database is as good as effectiveness of the information retrieval. All the organization and arrangement, is done so that this information retrieval can be done effectively. Browsing this large database of movies and series is backed by a search engine. The ability to rate the movies is also a feature that can make searching quite easy. You can add movies/series to the database based on IMDB rating and popularity to a wish list. You could check if a movie has a director and actors you admire. You should be able to check trailers on the YouTube too. With this database, you`ll never forget another title or actor again, and at the same time you`ll have a place to store and organize all the movies you currently own and everything you wanted to see. This is absolutely a good one!

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If you like movies, you'll love Coollector Movie Database. And if you own some DVD, you'll love it even more. Browse the huge database of movies and series, with the easy to use interface and powerful search engine. Rate all the movies you've seen. Decide the next movies you'll watch. Maintain a wishlist. Manage your video collection, remember what you own, where it's stored, and what you loaned to whom. Scan the video files on your hard drive.
Portable Coollector Movie Database
Portable Coollector Movie Database
Version 3.01
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